Meeting her….

Can’t control my excitement,Finally going to meet her,

I’ve no idea what to do?! How to say hello? 

How to control that stupid smile on my face ?

What should I do to make her smile?

Now m thinking it’s easy to meet ur love but it’s tough to meet ur best friend…

Because loosing her is more painful than a heartbreak….

Finally going to meet the second best thing happen to me ….going to meet my best friend…


Hanging out..

Just hanging out with old memories,Where the illusions are talking to me,

My dreams are sleeping on my shoulder,

Look there is a photograph of my old friends,

What should I do now ! Cry or smile .. am confused……



Living in Hell..

Living in a hell ,All around is just flames,

I can’t breathe because your fragrance fills my lungs ,

No need to stare at the moon 

Because your smile is more bright and beautiful than the moon,

Loving the silence of the night because memory of your sweet voice is always in my mind,

Happily living in this hell because you are my paradise….


My brain questioned..

My brain questioned me ” when my dreams will become reality?””Soon” heart whispered 

Brain warned me ” I will die if I m still chasing my dreams ”

” may be or may not be but I will definitely die if I not ” heart answered 

Her Love…

Sitting in a dark room,
Hiding what I feel,

Bearing the pain of the memories,

Feeling the silence of my heart,

Hears a sound like something breaks in me like a shattered glass,
Never wants to come back to light ,

Because her love hidden in the darkness……

She left …

She left without saying a good bye even without telling me the reason ,

Now I learned to live with your memories,

My heart turns into ashes but still am alive ,

Try to delete your old texts but latter it turns into lullaby,

Your love is like a knife that penetrate my heart,

She left me here dying and her love makes my soul immortal…


When I met her..

Whenever I met her miracles happen,We saw sun rise at 2 in the night and the beauty of moon at noon,

We surf on the stars we touch the sky to gather,

Her love is so magical that it can freeze the ocean and it can melt the glaciers,

In her eyes i saw the whole universe ,

Even her smile makes diamond jealous,

Now I believe that nymph exists coz i met her everyday….